Who is ABS?

And what can Agribusiness Service do for your company?

Agribusiness Service BV (ABS) is a Dutch-based company that provides service and consultancy to organisations and companies active in the agriculture and agrifood sector. With a professional team ABS offers a variety of expertise for their clients.

ABS’ ambition is to become a leading service provider and consultant for organisations active in the dynamic agricultural sector, contributing to transparency and a futureproof value chain. We do this through connecting networks and applying experiences from past and running projects for optimal service towards our clients.

ABS offers knowledge, support, management and realisation in a variety of expertise. The following is a selection of what the ABS professionals have to offer.

Policy advisor
Our employees are highly trained in formulating objectives and directives, resource management and scheduling, to aid policy making and managing its execution. The process in decision making can translate into pragmatic policy advice for any organization.

Board management
Board management alleviates the burden on Board members. Tasks that can include in such management are date planning, creation of the agenda and attachments, coordination of action points, safeguarding the antitrust statement, and translating board decisions into action points.

Course organization
ABS facilitates course creation from its initial brainstorm, to finding an expert teacher, to finding a suitable location or online conference method. Tasks include formulating objectives, finding a location and organizing lunches, meeting potential speakers and/or teachers, invitation and sign up management, as well as developing and distribution of certificates. ABS currently facilitates three labour and safety courses.

Event management
ABS has years of experience with event organization, with satisfying results for business partners, clients and customers, and extended network contacts. ABS delivers all-round service for event management, which includes formulating goals and/or theme(s), finding a suitable location, finding and time managing speakers and chair, catering, and other necessary equipment or goodies.

Administration and Finance
ABS offers their clients financial and administrative service as well. This can range from full-service administrative affairs, to tailormade offers for financial advice, invoicing and facilitate accounting audits, and budget management.

Interim management
Our interim-manager can help your company reach strategic goals, crisis solving, agile change management, company fusion, or strengthen the team temporarily to achieve short term results. Depending on the task at hand, this can be divided in various subsections such as IT solutions, HRM, marketing and communication, change management, operational and board management.

Management support
Our management support performs all the supporting tasks around company or organisation management, think about answer, screen and direct telephone calls, manage agendas, contact with members, maintaining electronic files, and be the main contact for visitors.

PR and communication
PR and communication can make a difference in positioning your company or organization. ABS can facilitate communication strategies, develop campaign for (social) media, create content, manage and monitor social media accounts, websites, member and client pages, among other tasks under the communications and PR umbrella.

Project management
Project management is relevant for any long or short term achievements. From project preparation, execution and monitoring, guiding the process, and successfully finalizing projects, ABS can provide this service through their experienced project coordinators.

Confidential adviser
A safe working environment not only ensures that you as a company are distinctive compared to your competitors, but also ensures fewer days of absence and more happiness at work. Every employee has the right to a safe working environment. A confidential adviser can help with this.

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Agribusiness Service BV is located in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. You can contact us via the contact details at the bottom of the page or through the contact form.

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